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“How much will my case cost?”

This is a fair and reasonable question but one that is difficult to answer. Every client’s situation is different and there are a number of factors that could impact the amount of work involved. For instance, the following factors can complicate one’s application and increase the work involved and the resulting fee:

  • Number of dependents
  • Health issues
  • Criminality & security issues
  • Number of prior relationships
  • Child custody issues.

Unlike most lawyers, we operate on a “flat rate” basis, which means that you will know the cost that you will have to pay at the outset of the matter because we give you an Estimate including payments that must be made to other parties (i.e. IRCC).

To prepare the Estimate, we request that prospective clients meet with us for an Initial Consultation. This meeting an opportunity for clients to provide all the necessary documents and information and to ask questions and seek the advice of the lawyer. This is also an opportunity for the lawyer to fully understand each client’s situation, resulting in more thoughtful advice.

We don’t provide free Initial Consultations. The fee for the Initial Consultation is $325. The meeting is up to one hour in duration and can be in person or by phone.

For some clients, the advice received during the Initial Consultation is all that is needed, and the clients then proceed on their own.

For clients who want us to do more work (i.e. an application, or an appeal), we will create an estimate of fees and disbursements. The Initial Consultation fee is then credited toward the Estimate.

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