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How We Take On New Clients


We’ll help you get temporary residence, citizenship, or deal with inadmissibility issues: we have experience in all aspects of Canadian immigration and citizenship law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free consultations?

You get what you pay for: we charge $350 CAD for our Initial Consultation service with a lawyer, and $260 for a consultation with an Immigration Consultant. We will analyze your immigration options based on the information you provide in advance or at the meeting. We prefer to get information and documents in advance.

Do I have to provide all the documents requested?

The more information you can provide in advance, the more useful and efficient the meeting will be for you. Since there is a limited time allotted for the meeting, it is best to use the time to analyze and discuss options, rather than for us to spend time to figure out your situation or review documents.

Should I choose a consultation with an Immigration Consultant ($260) or a Lawyer ($350)?

For many ‘regular’ immigration applications, an Immigration Consultant is qualified to assist. If your case is unique, challenging or if you would just feel more comfortable, choose the lawyer.

Does the consultation have to be in person?

The Initial Consultation can be in person, by phone, or via videoconference (Zoom, MS Teams, Whatsapp, FaceTime etc.)

How long is the Initial Consultation?

Up to an hour.

Will I need more than the Initial Consultation?

This depends on your case. It may be that you just want to clarify certain questions and the Initial Consultation will be enough. In other cases, you may choose to hire us to assist you further. In either event, the decision is up to you, and you will be fully informed of all costs and expectations to help you decide.

Can you provide a job offer?

We do not offer a recruiting service; we do not help with job searches or provide job offers.